Meet Our Team

Restore 525 is a student-led initiative which allows for high school student to learn how a nonprofit runs while being divided into specialized teams such as marketing and business, contruction and and design, indoor system management, and more. 

Elizabeth Ertel


Elizabeth is a junior and this is her second year as a part of the Restore 525 management team. She joined the group as an opportunity to use her gifts and gain new skills while making a lasting impact through aquaponics. This class has let her learn a lot about what it takes to build and run a business and helped her develop a desire to be involved in missions work in the future. When she is older, Elizabeth would like to study social justice and use her skills on the missions field, in whichever way the Lord directs her. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and playing softball.

Jackie Haynes

Marketing & Finance

Jackie joined Restore 525 her sophomore year because she wanted to have a front row seat to see aquaponics could be used as a platform for the gospel. She is daily reminded of how important it is to trust God’s control and to rely on Him throughout each phase of this mission. This perspective has completely changed her life. In Restore, Jackie has learned how to create a pitch for business meetings, run a fundraiser, and put a liner into a clay hole to create a pond. In the future, Jackie thinks she wants to pursue business and marketing, and she owes it all to this class. Jackie is very excited about what God is doing in and through Restore 525.

Alessandro Felice

Marketing & Finance

Alessandro joined Restore 525 to not only try and make an impact through hands-on actives but to also try and grow in knowledge and experience of the business world. He has had the opportunity to learn many skills from Restore 525 including public speaking and presentation skills, marketing skills, as well as being proactive with work and staying on top of responsibilities. Outside of Restore 525, Alessandro enjoys playing soccer as well as playing the guitar. When Alessandro gets older he would like to be a lawyer. Restore helps prepare him well with skills such as public speaking and organizational skills that will really make an impact in his pursuits.

Will Coburn

Marketing & Finance 

Will joined Restore 525 this year because he wanted to combine his interests in the environment and service. Outside of 525 he enjoys playing guitar and tennis. He has learned a lot about how businesses and nonprofits actually operate. Restore 525 has encouraged Will to look into opportunities for working for a non-profit in his future.  

Emma Greene

Education & Social Media

Emma joined Restore 525 this year as a way to get hands-on with science by ways of helping others. While she entered the class set in exactly what she wanted to do, the Lord soon showed He had other plans. Since then she has developed new interests such as business, design, and education and is looking to possibly pursuing those in college. Additionally, she has learned how a biusness  is run, how to work sucessfully with a team,  and stay on top of responsibilities. In her free time, Emma is heavily involved with theatre at Covenant Day and loves going on adventures with her friends. She is excited to see the ways the Lord works through Restore 525 in upcoming years.

Luke Ardizzone

Marketing & Finance

Luke joined Restore 525 to serve people in Haiti as well as learn more about sustainable agriculture. He has learned more about sustainable agriculture as well as how real the poverty is in Haiti. Outside of school, his hobbies outside of school are golf and football. As he looks towards the future, he wants to go into sports broadcasting or sports marketing.

Johnny Pu

System Management & Club Leader

Johnny is an international student from China, and Restore 525 was an excelent opportunity to learn more about aquaponics. This class has taught him thinking how he is able to be a part of teamwork and how he can efficiently contribute as a certain role on a team. It is also his pleasure to be able to apply and explore his own abilities in the process of helping Haiti. His time in Restore 525 has opened up his eyes to possibly entering a science field in college.

Audrey Felice

System Management & Club Leader

Audrey joined Restore 525 because she was very interested with the science behind aquaponics as well as the mission that Restore 525 was working to accomplish. Throughout her experience in Restore 525, she has learned how to sucessfully lead a club. Her hobbies outside of school pertains mostly to field hockey whether it be reffing, coaching, or playing. When she is older was wants to go into the stem field where her knowledge that she is learning about in Restore 525 will be applicable.

Alyssa Morgan

System Management & Club Leader

Alyssa joined Restore 525 because she is passionate about serving the Haitian people, and Restore 525 was a great way to make a difference. Throughout her time on the team, she has learned how to work better on a team and communicate with others effectively. Additionally, she has also been able to try and learn new skills. Outside of Restore 525, Alyssa enjoys playing piano.

Jake Manges

Construction & Design

Jake joined Restore 525 because of his interest and skill set in engineering and design. From being in Restore 525, he has learned that despite any hardships that you come across, you have to find a way to work around them and stay determined and encouraged. Outside of Restore, he enjoys playing basketball. In the future, he wants to be a civil engineer or architectural engineer. Restore has helped him put his background in engineering background and critical thinking skills to good use.

Madeline Wall

Construction & Design

Madeline joined Restore 525 because she was interested in the aquaponics system and how it worked. She learned how to take charge of a project and how to step outside of her comfort zone. Outside of Restore 525 she enjoys to hike, dive, play the guitar, piano and drums. When she graduates college, she wants to go to post graduate at St. Andrews UK, and study marine biology, specifically sharks, off the coast of south Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Cuba.

Preston Jordan

Construction & Design

Preston joined Restore 525 because he thought it would be an interesting way to get hands on experience helping others in a meaningful way. In his team, he has learned how to create a budget and build an aquaponics system. In his free time, Preston enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with his friends. He believes the experiences he has gained in Restore 525 will apply to just about any job he can see himself doing in the future.


Connor Westover

Construction & Design

Connor was involved in Covenant Day’s early aquaponics program and has continued to work with Restore525 for 3 years now. He decided to stay in aquaponics to continue to help those in need and to learn more about the aquaponic process. During his work with the construction and design teams, he has learned that sometimes learning from failure is the only way to make progress. Outside of Restore 525, Connor enjoys playing sports and doing many other activities with friends. Connor is looking to pursue a type of career in engineering when he is older and is using his experiences in aquaponics to get experience solving real world problems.

Josh Burgan

Construction & Design

Josh has been working with Restore 525 for two years and has worked closely on the construction and design team. Through his experience, he has become a leader in the team, and has in turn, learned how to efficiently lead discussions and work days. Josh enjoys to work on building projects outside of school. As he enters college next year, he hopes to study business management.

Mark Gulley

Construction & Design

Mark joined Restore 525 because as long as he can remember, he has loved math and science. Additionally, he joined because he can use those skills to help people who are in need. Outside of Restore 525, he enjoys playing the guitar as a way to relieve stress. When he is older, he would like to be an electromechanical engineer, a marine biologist, or a professional musician. Restore 525 has combined mathematics, engineering, biology, and marketing into one large project, which is what he really loves about it.