Our Mission

By God’s grace, we have been called to partner with global communities to cultivate long-term hope through agricultural restoration with a sustainable aquaponics system.

Our Story

Covenant Day School has been partnering with different ministries for over a decade in Haiti. This year however, due to COVID-19 our focus is shifted towards more local ministries. Specifically, we are beginning a partnership with “The Relatives” which is a ministry that provides a safe place to young people in need as well as continuing our  partnership with Mission of Hope International (MOHI). In 2013, MOHI expressed an interest in partnering with Covenant Day School to build and develop an agricultural industry using aquaponics.  As a class, we thoughtfully considered this opportunity to cultivate a long term partnership with MOHI. In 2014, Covenant Day School created a proof-of-concept system next to the MOHI school in Grand Goave, Haiti. The primary purpose of this system was to familiarize the community with the concept of aquaponics and to demonstrate the system’s feasibility. CDS helped train and employ a man named Wilson who is committed to keeping the aquaponics system up and running. In early 2017, CDS conducted a formal evaluation and concluded that the tilapia fish tanks and educational outreach has benefited the community. MOHI has now asked Covenant Day to fill a sixteen thousand square-foot field with sustainable gardens and tilapia tanks.


Percent of People in Charlotte Living below the poverty line

Our Strategy

 The Restore 525 mission is made possible through the leadership of our students, the support of our community, and through cultivating both short and long term relationships with local and global communities. Restore 525 is a student led initiative which allows each student to utilize their various gifts in a productive way that positively impacts our school and local communities. This year, we have connected with business executives and local industries to raise support for our initiatives. We organize many opportunities for our peers to get involved such as workdays, club events and school wide drives. We rely on our community to contribute by providing connections, expertise, and prayerful support. All of these strategies are ultimately integrated into our total dependence and reliance on the Lord to direct our steps. 

Our Goal

A primary goal of this mission is to provide jobs for the Haitian community through a functional aquaponics system. To maintain a system, a team of workers will be needed to check the chemical balance in the fish pond, harvest crops, keep a clean work site, and educate the surrounding community. An aquaponics system, regardless of its size, will provide several jobs; In turn, the unemployment population will decrease. The assortment of vegetation growing will be sold locally not only benefiting the community’s health, but assisting the economy as well. Finally, the system offers educational growth. Students will learn about the mutually beneficial relationship between the fish and plants, which plants are most effective, and how to nurture crops well to be harvested. Restore 525 envisions a mission where communities are strengthened by economic reassurance, agricultural prosperity, and educational opportunities.

Our Objectives:

 –Continue to maintain the sustainable aquaponic system at Covenant Day School in          Matthews, North Carolina.

-Continue developing the technology by managing indoor aquaponic system.

-Organize professional fundraising methods to support the project


Percent of Haitians Living on less than two dollars a day