Throughout the year, the engineering team of Restore 525 has set and accomplished many goals. Some of our most prominent accomplishments have been: weeding and mulching the entire aquaponics system, building off of past classes already established fences, and fixing the main pond pump, which in turn allowed the system to be turned back on and to run as usual. We are currently growing thyme, mint, and collared greens. In the months we have been working, we have hosted multiple work days, where students of all grades have been coming out and helping the team work on the outdoor system. While the pond requires lots of maintenance, we’re all glad that we’ve been able to attend school in person and work as a team to get the system back up and running, and able to produce the plants we hope to grow in the future. In addition to growing plants, we hope to establish a smaller pond to be used for fish breeding, in order to control the population of each species we currently host in our ponds. All in all, we’re all glad we’ve had chances to work on this system, and we’re always ready to work harder and harder on the system we know and love.

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