The Relatives is an organization based out of North Carolina. The organization was founded in 1974, with the mission to keep “kids safe, families together” and prepare the “youth and young adults to be healthy, productive, engaged members of the community” (The Relatives). The Relatives’s Charlotte locations consist of many opportunities to benefit Charlotte’s community by propelling people further from darker situations into much brighter experiences through programs like The Ramp Center (young adults) and the Crisis Center (children). Through these programs, the young adults, who are facing poverty, or children facing domestic home issues are given housing and are taken great care of until their lives are genuinely stable. A portion of the Sustainability Club/Restore 525 members have been previously blessed to meet and connect with the organization and have been able to truly see the opportunities and experiences they give to the young adults/children. Through the Community Coordinator at the relatives, Christina Nunez, the Restore 525 team has connected with their organization over the past few months to see how we can serve and reflect God’s love onto their organization. Two Restore 525 students, Bryce Lindsay and Cathryn Wickerham, met with Ms.Nunez over Zoom to discuss The Relatives’ current needs. After emailing for weeks prior and discussing over a Zoom call, the team found that one of their greatest needs is Snack Packs. Which consists of food, water, and a kind message that can bring hope and positivity. Ms. Nunez voiced that some of the young adults & children at both locations are unfortunately unable to stay and are left without a supply of food. That is why the snack packs are so imperative. However, these essential packs depart from shelves at The Relatives quickly, inevitably leaving children without food for the weekend and sometimes during the week. Restore 525’s goal is to benefit the community of Charlotte and Haiti and reflect the love of God onto their community through service and sustainability. Upon hearing the problem taking place at The Relatives, the Restore 525 team voiced to The Relatives and Ms.Nunez, that they plan to do a school-wide food drive at Covenant Day School to ensure the collection of snack packs as well as the safety of the young adults/children of Charlotte. In addition, the Restore 525 team will be doing a grow box activity with the children of The Relative’s Crisis Center. Which is where they will be educated on developing their own sustainable food source and to simply have a good time through positive interaction. As a memorable interaction can be just as uplifting as a physical donation. The Restore 525 class is so excited to support this organization and truly begin this new journey with The Relatives.

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