The purpose of this week’s blog is to inform you of the civil unrest that is ocurring in Haiti. Jovenel Moïse, the president of Haiti, announced a few weeks ago his refusal to step down from office. Due to his refusal, deadly riots have broken out in the streets. Since the middle of September, 42 people have died and 86 have been injured. The streets are filled with people rioting, causing main roads to shut down. The resources of Mission of Hope International (MOHI), the organization we are partnered with, are beginning to dwindle due to the food shortage and fuel crisis in the country. The organization is worried that they might have to close down their clinic because of the lack of fuel. Luckily, the clinic has not had to close down yet. People are unable to travel to MOHI due to the rioting and roads being blocked, causing the money flow to not be present. This is resulting in MOHI not being able to fully pay their employees or supply food. The schools in Haiti have now been shut down for a few weeks. The best way you can focus on the problem is through constant prayer, as this is the best solution to a distarous catastrophie in Haiti. 

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