Recently, the engineering team has been focusing on two primary projects. During the workday, members of the club and the Restore class weeded, spread mulch, and continued to dig the second pond. Lots of progress was made in the outdoor system, and now an outdoor classroom is being made by some of the members to include the lower school in sustainability. With the new whiteboard and benches, the kids will be able to learn more about our Restore mission and the purpose behind the pond. The engineering team has also partnered with Warehouse 242, a church in west Charlotte, and The Pauline Tea-Bar Apothecary, a locally owned business. The Tea Bar wants to grow plants naturally and locally, and behind the church is a functioning aquaponic system which the business hopes to utilize. The engineering team has been tasked with building a greenhouse top so that herbs can be grown in the winter too. The partnership between Restore, Warehouse 242, and The Pauline Tea-Bar has the potential to strengthen inter-community relationships across Charlotte and to spread the mission of Restore.

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