Saturday, October 27th was the first work day where the Restore 525 club members were asked to help, and the turn out was great! Close to 15 club members showed up to help us with a couple important projects: constructing a filter, digging a hole for this filter, putting the greenhouse back together from hurricane Florence, planting new plants, and mulching. Jake led a team of five underclassmen to construct a filter—designed by the Restore 525 design team—which will be used to filter out the leaves, pine needles, and debris from the pond before the water reaches the greenhouse. Josh and his team dug the hole for this filter which will sit underneath the pond’s water level, so the filter can be gravity fed. Before hurricane Florence, the class spent time taking the panels out of the greenhouse and anchoring it down, so it would not blow away. Mark with assistance of friends reconstructed the greenhouse to its former glory. Inside the greenhouse, the dead plants were removed so new plants can be planted in the spring. After the summer, most of the past-year’s plants had died, and it was time for some new plants to keep the area looking presentable and lively.  Madeline and Emma designed and led teams of people to plant holly bushes, creeping jennys, cacti, and evergreens to achieve that goal. Connor woke up early that morning to drive to get a truck full of mulch which was used to surround the plants, and the pathways were lined with bricks. We look forward to finishing the filter, adding more plants, and adding a rose awning at the back entrance of the system at future work days.

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