Hey Parents,

Yesterday was a big success for our team. We excavated the garden area, made a path from the fish tanks to the garden, helped the Haitians dig a trench to bury a pipe that leads the excess water from the fish tanks to the garden, and covered the area in gravel. Construction is right on target to complete all of our objectives to prepare the system for the July trip. We have also had a great time with the Haitian students as we had a PK shootout and all watched the World Cup game together from a TV that was manually setup. Our science camp yesterday also went very well and we were able to explain the role of bacteria in the aquaponics system which was demonstrated by a lab that we did measuring different levels of bacteria in sample water we got from a stream. The kids are very interested and we have all loved getting to know and hang out with them. It’s been great to see all of our hard work this year pay off so much, and we are very thankful things have been going so well. Tomorrow we go to a waterfall with the students so we would love if you all would continue to pray for safety and the ability to further connect and learn from the Haitian students. It’s sad this is our last workday, but we are very proud of what we have accomplished and know the July team will further the success we have had. We will be home Saturday evening and we cannot wait to see you all and tell about our adventures. Please continue to lift us up in prayer and we will see you soon!

-Aquaponics students

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