Greetings from Grand-Goäve! The last few days have been full of labor, learning, and love. On Sunday, we worshiped with the members of the church at MOHI, with worship music and sermon in English and Creole. For the rest of the day, we embraced the culture of resting on the Sabbath. However, we hit the ground running on Monday. Kicking off the day playing soccer with the MOHI students, we were quickly humbled. Also, the first day of science camp was a success. Our translator, Jonslee, allowed us to successfully learn with the MOHI students. In the first day of learning about aquaponics, Mr. Blumenstein and the Haitian biology professor taught us about fish. As a hands-on activity, we dissected fish from the local market. Meanwhile, a back hoe came to dig the hole for our ponds.
After a restful night back at the guest house, we returned to the school and worked alongside Haitian masons, who patiently taught some of us to lay cinderblock. The rest of the team continued to bond with the MOHI students, laughing and improving our very broken Creole. During science camp, we dove into the Haitian interpretation of how plants work. We didn’t do an activity, however, due Argentina playing Nigeria in the World Cup.
Today, we are laying gravel and preparing the soil for our gardens.
The Lord is clearly working, and we ask that you continue to pray that he is glorified this week!


Katie Culpepper

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