Meet Our Team

Restore 525 is a student-led initiative which allows for high school student to learn how a nonprofit runs while being divided into teams such as marketing and buisness, engineering and design, indoor sytem management, and more. 

Our Engineering Team

The purpose of the Engineering team is to maintain Covenant Day School’s outside aquaponics system. An average class for the engineering team is spent working to improve the functionality and visual appeal of our system. They do this in a variety of ways from spreading mulch, planting flowers, cleaning the grow bed rocks, feeding the fish to creating new pieces of technology. The engineering team keeps an eye on the system at all times to make sure that it is working flawlessly.

Our Indoor team

Similar to the engineering team, our indoor team manages the indoor aspects of our system such as fish breeding, and water testing. They are essential to the health of our fish and the plants that we grow.

Our Education Team

The education team is in charge of our partnership with Brookstone School, along with our aquaponics project at our own school.Using creative teaching methods the Education team works to teach kids about the science behind aquaponics and the importance of our mission. They hold system tours, and fun filled teaching sessions to spark kid’s love for both science and the mission field.

Our Communication Team

Our communication team is in charge of keeping in touch with MOHI in Haiti and the aquaponics system in Grand Goave. They manage blog posts, our social media presence, and keeping the website updated. On top of all of this, the communication team holds an annual poinsettia sale to fund future projects. This team is Restore’s voice, they share our mission with the world and take you along on the adventure as we work to serve and love people.

Our Marketing Team

Our marketing team plays a huge role in our work. They manage funds, organize activities and fundraisers, and keep close contact with our various sponsors. Their hard work allows us to fulfill our mission, and fund future projects. Without them we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals or function as a class.

Our Club

This team is in charge of the sustainability club and how the class and club work together to achieve our goals along with the Contain it class . They organize work days and other collaboration which help us to unite as a school.