Our Mission

By God’s grace, we have been called to partner with global communities to cultivate long-term hope through agricultural restoration with a sustainable aquaponics system.


  Every week, we strive to write at least one blog, either highlighting a certain achievement of the team or keeping our followers updated on the status of our mission work in Haiti and locally. Our continued mission is to keep our followers informed. 

The Relatives

The Relatives is an organization based out of North Carolina. The organization was founded in 1974, with the mission to keep “kids safe, families together” and prepare the “youth and young adults to be healthy, productive, engaged members of the community” (The...

Restore Engineering Team Recap 2020

Throughout the year, the engineering team of Restore 525 has set and accomplished many goals. Some of our most prominent accomplishments have been: weeding and mulching the entire aquaponics system, building off of past classes already established fences, and fixing...

COVID-19 Update

  The month of March hit us hard. Between the tornado that swept through our campus, and the crazy of COVID-19 our aquaponics system got a bit out of hand. The Summer passed, the weeds grew taller, and a new school year began. We saw that we had our work cut out...

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